Cooking day! Making bone broth and no bake chocolate treats!


Paleo friendly mounds bars made with honey!
Paleo friendly mounds bars made with honey!
This was a fantastic day! Truly an inspirational day filled with the simple joy of spending time with a deal new friend delving into our selves and making paleo nom noms together.  Jane and I made a sweet treat using the simple Mounds bar recipe we found on the wonderful interwebs! We exchanged the maple syrup in the recipe for local honey to get a lil extra immune boosting goodness and then we also doubled the recipe! It turned out soooo well! While we gabbed and shared battle stories of energy ups and downs, Jane whipped up a scrumptious lunch for us that consisted of a lightly sauteed red cabbage, with caraway seeds with coconut oil, we also had two slices each of grass fed bacon that was from a local farm, two Japanese sweet potatoes lightly cooked first in the microwave whole and then cubed with the skins and browned on the stove in coconut oil. Last but not least she also had a beautiful side of lacinato kale lightly pan fried in bacon grease. I swear it was the most simple and delicious lunch I have had in a looong time, but then again, everything is better when shared!

I know I promised yesterday that I would update you on how my Lamb bone broth was going and it is going well! I pulled the bones from the broth today and placed the remaining liquid (which about half of the gallon of distilled water had evaporated out of my slow cooker in the past 24 hours) into a Tupperware container. I am putting this in the fridge now and am hoping it will cool and form a wonderful fatty layer on the top which will both be great for cooking and will help me to determine if I have done a good job at extracting the desired nutrients from the bones. Little much has developed since then I am still trying to find my path and still working on the intentions to have more consistency and more confidence in my life and in myself. I’m grateful that I am  well enough to love, to live, to laugh, and most importantly to be HAPPY.


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