Bone Broth Beef Stew Bliss! And How to overcome the most common obstacles for living Paleo Strong!

Sorry it’s been awhile since I have updated you all about how things have been going. The Lamb broth I made last week was soo perfect and it was all gelatin! I used this pure congealed substance to replace the two cups of broth in a paleo beef stew recipe I found on PaleoHacks. I also did not have to use the arrowroot hey used a thickened and replaced one of the two pounds of beef with a cheaper and sweet option… SWEET POTATOES! The stew is the most delicious and wholly satisfying thing I have EVER made! I cooked the stew on high in my crockpot for four hours and I also added mushrooms in the last hour of cooking. Other than that I used everything else in the same amount as prescribed in the paleo hack recipe.

On a slightly different topic, I feel that it is important to talk about the self limiting kind of thoughts that people have towards making the transition to paleo life. In every circumstance where I have been the first person to discuss being paleo with someone who has never heard of this lifestyle, there are immediately many walls that go up in defense of maintaining what they are doing, even when it is NOT WORKING to make them, healthier, happier, or clearer thinking! There are two of these ‘limiters’ that I would like to publicly address 1) “Isn’t it Expensive!?!” 2) “How do we know it’s really good for us… what about all those opposing studies about eggs being good and then bad for you??”

The first obstacle is what I believe has been the biggest obstacle for the majority of people I have met, and he most easy to dispel. I am not the best at budgeting, but I generally never spend more than $80 a week on my food needs. I know that if I really wanted to I could still spend even less, but I do occasionally like to go out to eat and to buy some things that are pre-made. I intended on becoming even better at reducing my costs going forward. To put this amount in perspective, I only buy organic EVERYTHING, but I only spend about twenty dollars more than my live in boyfriend spends on his cheap non-organic processed foods. I believe very avidly in not trying to change the ones you love, that being said my boyfriend has said that he does want to try paleo in the future and is intrigued by how many people in our sports world and on the red carpet are raving about the affects of paleo living! Just a few of my fav’s following the paleo diet and making it look extra good are Jessica Biel and Megan Fox according to LA weekly. To make this lifestyle ( I say lifestyle and not diet because this is more than a diet and works better) achievable for everyone I want to give you all some great resources that will help you to obtain the highest cost items needed to go paleo: HIGH QUALITY GRASS-FED MEAT! One of the simplest ways to find great meat is to join those people in your area who are already experts at finding nutrient dense foods like those members of the Weston A. Price Foundation. This link will bring you to a page that lists these groups of knowledgeable people by state: Where to find people who can help you find high quality meat near you! Grass fed meat is important because just like we humans are what we eat, tje animals that we eat are what they have eaten. So if they eat grains, we too will yoi through eating their meat. It can be hard to see the big picture, but well anaged grass fed beef can, for instance, be the key to positive co2 sequestration.

Another resource that I love (and for whom I work) is Natural Grocers. Not only do they ONLY SELL ORGANIC PRODUCE, but they also offer FREE Nutritional Counseling from REAL Nutritionists. This link will help you locate a Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage store near you where you can call and schedule your nutritional counseling session.

To address the second obstacle I will refer these people to ‘the source of paleo” Dr. Loren Cardain PhD“. Eggs are good for you, and just like the myth about tropical fruit oils (coconut) oils being bad for you the myth about eggs being bad for you was fabricated. Coconut oil was shunned as a dangerous oil, when in reality it is one of the healthiest fats in the world! It provides medium chain triglycerides which are vital in brain function, prolonging energy levels, and maintaining soft tissues like skin. Eggs provide much needed omega-3’s which are also vital for brain and soft tissue health.  To learn more Pretty please read the page this link takes you to: Dr. Oz on food 5 food Myths. I hope that I have given you new hope if you had any doubts before, I hope that if there are other concerns that you have about going Paleo that you share them. I want to help this world to be a happy, balanced, and healthier place.


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